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What's New?
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PostCalls™ Voice Broadcasting Services Welcome Alaska with Open Arms
AUGUSTA, GA (PR WEB) April 5, 2010 – PostCalls™, a CallingPost company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its voice broadcasting services to....
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What our clients say
Providing a service that helps so many people and saves our clients so much time and money at such an affordable cost, has been the hallmark of our success. Our goals are about helping you work smarter not harder. .
How we bring profitable communications to your marketplace.

Our voice broadcasting tools and solutions will multiply your efforts by providing a. . .

       Convenient (web or phone based)
       Easy (one click)
       Cost effective solution (pennies on the dollar)

To getting your voice message out (whether sales, branding, survey, marketing, public relations or informational)

       Quickly (within seconds)
       Correctly (by creating the right tone that can ONLY be done through proper voice inflection.)
       And Efficiently.

Proven reliability has made PostCalls voice broadcasting an indispensable tool for those who want to save valuable time and resources.

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